Escape! Escape! Escape!

Can you and your team solve our puzzles to save the world... and your lives?

We’re pretty sure Dr. Stevens left an antidote to this “Turkey Fever” somewhere in one of his favorite cabins. We need you and 9 other friends to solve his mysteries in three different locations.

Just what experiments was Dr. Stevens working on in his cabin out in Forest Park? He’s left notes and data throughout several cabins. Help us work through the puzzles and games he’s left in a few of the cabins to see if there’s any hope of putting together an antidote.

About the Escape Rooms

Ages 14+. These games require team work, and a sharp mind. Do not buy these tickets if you hate people or are a dullard. Simulated danger, mostly smells, as you work under the supervision of a game master to solve riddles, puzzles and traps. 

Each escape room is a different 20-minute experience designed for 10 people.


$10 per person