Haunted Woods Hike

40 acres of dark old growth forest waits for you. What danger looms on this half-mile trail of terror?

Campers started noticing strange behavior in a number of the wild creatures at Forest Park as early as March. In particular the turkeys started acting a bit off… One turkey started hanging around campers, volunteers, and staff. It was harmless enough at first, it would perch on the cabins, the tabernacle, even vehicles. People would wait for it to move out of their way so they could go about their business.

Some people got a bit brave, and approached the bird. Our fowl friend was given the name Thanksgiving, a bit of tongue in cheek humor. Thanksgiving got a bit too close to some campers and when they were foolish enough to try and pet the bird, they got scratched and pecked at! They’ve checked in with the doctors and they have an abnormally high temperature. The campers just seem to walk about the forest doing weird things. Doctors are calling this “Turkey Fever”... they may act and talk like zombies, but around these parts we call them “Bird Brains”.

About the Haunted Woods Hike

This is a guided half-mile hike with scares. Not for the faint of heart. Because this is a living forest with uneven ground there are trip hazards. We’re not saying it’s the trees, but between you and me… they’re pretty shady. Wild creatures do live in this forest, we ask you respect their space during your visit. Please don’t bring small children, they are the preferred snack for many creatures and by law it’s illegal to feed wild creatures. That’s one way disease is spread.

Ages 14+


Online: $15 per person
At the Door: $20 per person